Why Canada is so great?


You can look for a lot of information on the internet about Canada. If you do a simple search on Google, you will find beautiful pictures and stories about Canadians being polite and quite people.

Now, let me give you some points that I think are the best to describe Canada:

  • People is very nice – Sometimes is incredible how polite people is.
  • Multicultural – You just need to take the subway in cities like Montreal or Toronto to realize that Canada is a rich mix of cultures and colours.
  • Weather – It is true that is very cold! But there are several activities that you can do during winter time!

This following video of the Canadian beer Molson Canadian explains very well what Canada means to me!

Canada is also a very pacifi country. We don’t like wars or any other conflict. When was the las time that you saw Canada participating in a war?

Also, its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is a young man with ambitious and ethical goals. He let 25,000 refugiees enter the country in 2015 and he is very open to new ideas.

These are my reasons for loving Canada! What are yours?

See you on the next post.